Friday Evening Drive

Posted on June 2, 2007 by Holly Hayes
Part of: Graduate School in Oxford

our new car
Our pretty car in front of Great Milton's church.

Last night the weather was finally nice again, so we took the new car out for a spin. It was the first time I've gotten to ride in it for any distance and I looovved it. So comfy! It's funny how fancy and luxurious an economy-sized Toyota feels to us, but it's all relative!

The first stop on our drive was Headington, which was once a separate village but is now a neighborhood of Oxford.

headington pub
We parked next to a pub with a name that I don't think would work in the States...

st andrew, headington
We had a look at the local church, of course, which is called St. Andrew's and was built in the 1100s. None of our photos came out too great, but it was an interesting church with an unusual tower. It was locked so we didn't get to see the inside.

Our next destination was Great Milton, to have another look at our potential new flat, especially the footpaths nearby.

great milton footpath great milton footpath

We are trying to figure out whether we'd feel too isolated there, since it is very rural and there's no public transportation. The house is outside of the village itself (seen in the above right photo), so we'd have to walk about a mile just to get to the one pub and one convenience store. But sometimes that sounds really nice!

great milton, oxfordshire
Since there was a nice sunset, we also stopped by Great Milton's church again for some quick photos.

Next we drove up into the Chilterns, our local hills, where we discovered a pretty park with hiking trails that reminded us of Oregon, then weaved our way back home through various villages. Good fun.