An Evening in Windsor

Posted on May 18, 2007 by Holly Hayes
Part of: Graduate School in Oxford

This evening we were in Windsor to look at some apartments for rent. Windsor is of course home to Windsor Castle, where the Queen lives (sometimes). But it's also only 10 minutes' drive from Slough, where David works, so it would be ideal for his commute.

I took the train there from Oxford (only 48 minutes), arriving with enough time to wander around a bit before meeting David for our appointment. I had a great time, as Windsor is really nice. I'd only been there briefly once or twice but David goes all the time and loves it. It has the castle, of course, which is very impressive. It also has quaint old streets and houses like you'd see in Bath, as well as fantastic shops and restaurants of the sort you'd see in London.

After looking at the apartments we had dinner at Wagamama (one of our favorite London restaurants that we were very pleased to find in Windsor) and then went for a little sightseeing. The sun even came out for it! Sunshine has been very rare these days. Below are some snaps David took with his beautiful new wide-angle lens, which we are very enamored with.

windsor castle
Windsor Castle (c.1170), "the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world."

Satellite view of the huge Windsor Castle and other landmarks (click to enlarge), courtesy of Google Earth. Our photo above is just of the far west wall.

windsor castle
Visitor's entrance gate at the castle (closed for the evening).

across from windsor castle
A lovely street across from the castle, with tower of the parish church. Note the lady in the window - a little creepy, but I guess she was just people watching.

windsor parish church
Windsor's parish church. It was built in 1822 but replaced older ones.

windsor parish church
Inside the parish church, looking towards the entrance. The painting of the Last Supper dates from around 1600 and is the pride of the church.

windsor parish church windsor parish church
General interior view and stained glass windows above the altar. We've never been able to fit all the windows in a single photo before! Such fun.

crooked house of windsor
The "Crooked House of Windsor," which the sign says dates from 1718. That's a good lean! It houses a tea room with a very tasty-looking menu.

guildhall, windsor
Right next to the Crooked House is the Guildhall, which was built in 1687 and is now a popular venue for civil weddings. Here Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles (in April 2005) and Elton John married David Furnish (December 2005). The original architect, Sir Thomas Fiddes, died before it was completed; Sir Christopher Wren took over for the last two years.