Blog: October 2006

Visit to the Rollright Stones

Posted on October 9, 2006 by Holly Hayes
Saturday morning we went to see the Rollright Stones, a stone circle and other monuments dating from 4000-1500 BC. They were interesting, and best of all were only 20 miles from Oxford. They are on a small hilltop in the village of Little Rollright (hence the name) and there were really nice views of the countryside in both directions. The King's Men The monuments all have great whimsical names, based on the local folklore that they were people who were turned into stone by a witch...

An Afternoon at Magdalen College

Posted on October 4, 2006 by Holly Hayes
We had a beautiful sunny day yesterday, so I thought I'd get away from the computer for once and take my camera for a walk around town. I had a pretty good time and a nice walk, but as always, the blue sky went away before I got to take very many photos! Argh. I went ahead and took some pictures of the University Parks and Magdalene College anyway, so here's a few of 'em...