Feeling a bit like a student

Posted on September 23, 2005 by Holly Hayes
Part of: Graduate School in Oxford

Today's highlight was that, for the first time, I had some hint as to what it might feel like to be an Oxford student. So far I've felt more like a tourist with the luxury of having a whole week to explore the city, and it's been hard to believe that I will actually be studying here.

The first accomplishment was that I finally tracked down the Oxford religion department, which is handily located just a few doors down from the Eagle and Child pub! We just saw the front door (it was closed), but it was good to know where it is. I'd been meaning to look for it for days and just never got around to it.

But the main highlight was seeing the Bodleian Library. This is one of the oldest and best libraries in Britain and perhaps the world, and a main tourist stop here. They don't let visitors see much of it, just parts of it on a guided tour. But I now have my universary card, which comes complete with the special logo of the Bodleian giving me full access. Before I could have it, I had to sign a declaration that I would not damage any of the books, or even look at them cross-eyed, under penalty of eternal damnation.

So while poor David had to wait in the gift shop, I got to march right past the "no visitors past this point" signs and go see the famous library! And not only do I get to see it, I can use it! There's nothing like a good library to a nerd like me, and the Bodleian is really something. Gorgeous old books stacked to the ceiling of a gorgeous old room with dark wood and that old library smell. I managed to find the religion section - it's in the Radcliffe Camera, a separate building - and it was incredible! I can't wait to sit down at one of those long, wooden desks and read old books under a lamp.

We had dinner at the Eagle and Child, which was another great time with great food, then headed up to Summertown for some grocery shopping. We got back home around 8:00 and had a delicious chocolate dessert we got from Marks & Spencers. David had some online time for a bit, then I got on to work on the photo album. It's hard getting used to sharing one computer, but we're doing good! Especially for only children. :)