Wolfson College

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Wolfson College
51.7710360° N, 1.2548740° W
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Grade II listed building
listed building (England)

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Aerial view of Wolfson College
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Aerial view of Wolfson College
Aerial view of Wolfson College. Click image for a larger, interactive view.


20 Jun 2011

Wolfson College designated a Grade II listed building

National Heritage List for England Data

Wolfson College is listed on the National Heritage List for England with the following data. Some information may have become outdated since the date of listing. Text courtesy of Historic England. © Crown Copyright, reprinted under the Open Government License.

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Wolfson College
Wolfson College, Linton Road, OXFORD, OX
Non Civil Parish
Grid Reference

STRUCTURE AND MATERIALS: Blocks are of reinforced concrete on piled foundations, with brick cross-walls to the residential accommodation, and in-situ columns where the ground floor is open; the administrative block is supported on circular pre-cast columns. The dining hall has a pyramidal roof with pre-cast facing panels fixed to a secondary framework of in-situ concrete beams and columns. Flat roofs are asphalt, sloping are roofs clad in lead.

Pre-cast columns are finished in bush-hammered white calcinated flint aggregate. In-situ floors, cast against pre-cast fascia edge shutter units of grey granite aggregate, provide an even finish to the elevations, a concept also carried through in the ends of the cross walls which are clad with grey pre-cast granite-faced units which support white concrete handrails of the balcony balustrades. All provide an even finish to the elevations which vary within a common aesthetic of white and grey concrete on a rigid grid. The back walls of the covered ways and walls to the penthouses are of white-painted blockwork. The family maisonettes are of painted block-work. The podium on which the two-storey family houses sit has brick paviors and a robust balustrade which surrounds the lightwell over the nursery.

Recessed surfaces such as windows and balcony reveals are painted white. Glazing to the residential blocks is set back in anodised black aluminium window frames, behind tinted glass balconies, tilted to reflect the sky...

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