Spoleto Cathedral Spoleto, Italy

Spoleto Cathedral
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The lovely Duomo di Spoleto dates from the 12th century. It features a fine Romanesque facade, magnificent frescoes by Fra Filippo Lippi and others, and a handwritten letter from St. Francis of Assisi.

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Best Known As
Spoleto Cathedral
Full Name
Spoleto Cathedral
Also Known As
Cathedral of the Assumption of St. Mary
Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta
Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta
Duomo di Spoleto
42.735382° N, 12.740514° E  (map)
Spoleto, Italy
Romanesque 1000-1200
Renaissance 1450-1527
Spoleto Perugia, Italy
Europe continent
Italy Europe
Umbria Italy
Perugia Umbria, Italy

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