Golden Temple of Amritsar Amritsar, India

Golden Temple of Amritsar
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The holiest site in Sikhism, the Golden Temple seems to float on the water. It enshrines the holy book, Guru Granth Sahib, which is venerated by pilgrims throughout the day and put to bed at night.

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Best Known As
Golden Temple of Amritsar
Full Name
Golden Temple of Amritsar
Also Known As
Hari Mandir
Harmandir Sahib
31.620045° N, 74.876397° E  (map)
Amritsar, India
gold material
Amritsar Punjab, India
Asia continent
India Asia
Punjab India
Temple Manager: 0183/255-3953, -3957, or -3958
Information Office: 0183/255-3954